Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am a crafty mom....

and I have a crafty daughter.

another edition of Pinterest Palooza!

While I was looking for some craft table ideas (combined with my love of pegboards) I came across a few ideas that got me started thinking of how to use this wasted little cut out in our basement.  It once served as a diaper/wipe stash station, but we are out of diapers.  Yay Us by the way on that one!  Then it was a quasi-bookcase, stuff papers, catch all, trash can holder, you name it, it was it.

I decided it was to be Maggie's new shiny craft nook.  Like most five year olds, the more they can cut, glue, color, stamp and bead things?  The happier they are.  The best part- this was done on the super cheap.

The paint was free.  It isn't exactly the color I was hoping for, but is it really ever?  A few months ago Benjamin Moore was giving away a free quart of paint.  Since it is a quart, and what can you really do with a quart, I picked a Tiffany Blue color figuring I could refinish some old table with it.   But really, I don't refinish a lot of furniture so this paint was just hanging around.  So craft nook paint for free it is!

Pegboards?  Super cheap.  That is why I love them so.  A few bins and storage hooks bought online (because I will tell, most hardware stores are seriously lacking in pegboard hooks that are cute, yes I am looking at you Lowes!) and a trip to Ikea for a cute pink chair, we are complete.  Oh yeah, I did get the tins in the dollar bin at Target.  Super cute, right!

Now Maggie has her own space to create (and in some cases, display) her masterpieces and I no longer have crayons, glue and paper littered all over my house.  Unless you count of the "finished" variety.  (and between you and me, what a five year old thinks is "art" is debatable, but at least now she can create to her little hearts content!)

Craft Nook- Paper is drawers next to it!

Some of her necklace creations on display!

Close Up of the different storage ideas

Bottles holding her beading supplies

Ikea Bins that hold stamps, pens, foam stickers, etc


  1. Wow! This is a brilliant idea! And the perfect amount of space for a 5 year old! :) I think the tiffany's blue looks good with the pink chair. And you can't beat free. I am currently in the middle of about 3 projects, one of them being finishing my craft room (My LO is still only 1) I will definitely keep your advice in my head..ikea... and online for hooks and such!

  2. Thanks Jody, it was really easy and cheap to pull together, I just used different ideas I saw and came up with what would work for us!!

  3. that looks great!! I <3 peg board!

  4. That is fabulous!!! My 10 year old daughter has a jewelry business and her supplies tend to be everywhere. This would contain them and keep everything visible. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. What a great idea!! I love how you pulled this together using what you had available - it looks so professional! And so cute that your daughter has her own craft space :-D

  6. I love everything about this! Great job!

  7. That's fabulous!!! I need to do something like this for Stella, since she is really getting into crafting. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  8. I am looking for something just like this... So excited. So nice and neat. New follower over at

  9. love your organized crafty space !

  10. This is a lovely space! I wish I had the patience to organize like this. Maybe when P gets older I will get it together!

  11. Wow! What an awesome closet! I love the colors, too.

  12. We are doing something very similar for our daughter. She lovs that pink chair. Where did you get it?



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